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Other Training Expertise

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At the BCF Group, our expertise is not just limited to business development coaching and consulting, as business coaching skills and techniques often incorporate and overlap with others such as communication and interpersonal skills, leadership, management training and development, customer care, psychometric evaluations and reports, team building, commercial team development and many more.

We also offer a range of accredited and bespoke health and safety training courses. This allows us to cover an organisation's wide variety of training needs, and is one of the reasons why we have provided training packages for various departments of some of the biggest corporations in the world, as it is much simpler to have us as their single training supplier than having to deal with numerous smaller ones.

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Leadership and Management

A smiling manager

Business coaching frequently goes hand-in-hand with leadership and management development programmes. One of the key wishes of senior managers is to increase the effectiveness of staff members, in order to better achieve the company's aims and objectives.

As well as frequently running popular open courses such as First Line Manager courses at scheduled locations at our training venues around the United Kingdom, many of our business coaches also have extensive experience in providing bespoke management and leadership development programmes. These are tailored specifically to address the issues facing an individual manager or group of managers, and to enable them to provide much more value to their organisation.

Without effective leadership and management, workers will just be a collection of individuals all doing their own thing. They will not be a cohesive team, so their output may not join up correctly with what others are doing. Plus, without clear guidelines and direction, they may be producing work which, whilst thorough and of a high standard, is not actually what is required for the company to achieve its goals.

For more information regarding leadership, and how it is similar to and yet distinct from the process of management, please see our Leadership page.

Leadership and Management

Customer Care

Handshake customer closing the deal

Despite having the best sales force in the world, if customers are not looked after properly they will not come back or recommend the firm to others, resulting in the loss of a great deal of future business and revenue.

Even existing customers may cancel their orders if customer care is particularly poor, which can be especially damaging, as for most businesses a significant proportion of their sales revenue comes from customers who have purchased from them in the past.

Investing in customer care will nearly always pay for itself many times over in the long run when considering the potential for lost earnings can arise through insufficient or unprofessional customer care.

Customer Care

Interpersonal Skills

Offers workers talking and discussing tasks

We have already seen in the paragraphs above how important effective teams are for achieving company goals and objectives. Communication and interpersonal skills are a vital component of team working, not to mention interactions with potential/existing customers and suppliers. The development of interpersonal skills is therefore crucial for the success of a company.

Developing interpersonal skills is not simply a case of getting people to talk more. Sometimes talking more is actually a bad thing, and that less would be better. It is not the quantity that matters, but the quality of what is said. This will depend upon a particular situation, but can incorporate factors such as clarity and succinctness, being tactful, checking understanding and how the message is delivered and communicated.

A person whose interpersonal skills are somewhat lacking will not only struggle to get their message across or achieve the outcomes the want, but in all likelihood will probably end up causing conflict by offending someone or instigating confusion.

Interpersonal Skills

Sales and Negotiation Skills

A successful negotiation

For any commercial company where profit is the name of the game, winning orders is imperative. Otherwise, cuts in spending will have to be made, and even the very existence of the company could be under threat.

To win new business, particularly large orders, it is highly likely that members of the sales team will have to negotiate and interact with the decision makers. Such significant orders are rarely a straightforward case of picking something from a catalogue list; they often require a lot of discussion before the final commitment to purchase is made.

If the members of your sales team are lacking in negotiation and communication skills, they may lose the order to a competitor whose sales team is much more skilled in negotiating.

Like some of the other areas of training mentioned above, investing in sales and negotiation skills can pay for itself many times over, when the amount of potential lost revenue is taken into consideration.

Of course, sales training is not just about the final negotiating stages. Unless your organisation has a particularly strong brand name or reputation, it is unlikely that enough new custom will come to you without you having to do any sort of marketing or sales initiative. A strong sales force who can go out into the market and win new orders – perhaps even from those who weren’t actually thinking about buying your product or service before they were contacted and persuaded by your sales team! – can multiply revenue and significantly boost the company’s financial performance.

Sales and Negotiation Skills

Paradigm Psychometric Profilers

Business Psychometric Profilers

Every employee and manager within your business is different. As good business coaches know, different individuals are motivated by different things at work. This means that in order to get the best out of each and every one, there will be different ways and methods of achieving this aim. What might work for one person could have a significant detrimental effect upon the motivation, productivity and general morale of another.

Psychometric reports can provide valuable information on the personal characteristics and development requirements of employees. This knowledge can be of enormous value, as it provides you with a clear idea about that motivates each one and what steps you could take, such as carrot or stick, in order to get them to maximise their potential.

Paradigm Psychometric Profilers

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