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Working at Height Course

A young woman working at height

Working at height can expose workers to particularly severe health and safety risks, and continues to be a major cause of death and serious injury. Employers have a duty to protect anyone who might be exposed to these risks by ensuring that any form of working at height is planned, supervised and carried out safely.

This basic working at height health and safety training course is specifically designed for anyone whose job requires them to work at height, and which involves them using the necessary height safety equipment to do this work safely. The course can also benefit the supervisor responsible for those working at height and looking for a basic understanding to better appreciate the activity to control the process safely.

On completion of the Working at Height course, delegates will have the ability to assess the risks and requirements needed for safely working at height.

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What Does the Working at Height Course Cover?

The syllabus of the Working at Height course covers relevant issues such as:

Many jobs and tasks require working at height
  • Working at height legislation and guidance
  • A working at height risk assessment
  • Hierarchy of controls
  • Working at height equipment
  • Safe use of ladders and step ladders
  • Working at height rescue (overview)
  • Inspecting and wearing PPE

Course Tutors

Accident Investigation Course Tutors

Our health and safety trainers are qualified and experienced professionals with an appropriate background in managing working at height risks.

All consultants are experienced in delivering engaging health and safety training, and hold professional membership of the chartered Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) as well as a professional training qualification such as PTLLS.

In-House Courses

In-House Accident Investigation Training Courses

This course content can be tailored to your specific requirements, taking into account the specific dangers and working practices of your particular company and industry. It can also be combined with one or more other courses to create a truly bespoke training programme for your employees.

For more information please call 0844 800 3295 or send us an online contact form with a description of your training requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Working at Height course is delivered over half a day. This enables the course to be provided to two different groups on one day, meaning that not all of your staff need to be away from the workplace at the same time.

Each delegate will be issued with a workbook to assist them both during and after the course, which will contain information, guidance and forms to assist delegates.

The Working at Height course is designed to be interactive, allowing delegates the opportunity to develop their skills with the support of the course tutor.

Delegates will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance upon successful completion of the course.

Scheduled Courses

Our Working at Height course is not currently scheduled as an open course, and is currently only available as an in-house course where we come to your premises and deliver the training for a number of your employees.

For more information, and to discuss your training requirements further, please call us on 0844 800 3295 or send us an online contact form.

Related Article:

Working at Height Not Just Above the Ground at Street Level

Management training is extremely useful for managers

When people think about the health and safety dangers associated with working at height, their thoughts will primarily turn to images of people high up on scaffolding or in harnesses, working on skyscrapers or large monuments.

Whatever the exact image, their thoughts will typically picture somebody out in the open air.

However, working at height does not solely relate to activities which are taking place outside above street level; it also includes work which takes place underground.

Falling from height underground can sound a little like a contradiction at first, but it is a very real danger in industries such as mining or underground construction. The height of the working area can sometimes be in the hundreds of feet, with a requirement for people to be up high on platforms performing a task such as securing fixtures, mining material or even just decorating the area before it is open to the public (e.g. an underground subway station).

Hitting the Ground is the Main Danger

Although serious injuries can be acquired during the fall if the person's body bangs against or scrapes surfaces on the way down, the main cause of death or injury from working at height obviously comes from hitting the ground. But this ground does not have to be the street level, it also includes the surface level for work underground.

Even Falls From Small Heights Can Cause Injuries

For all intents and purposes the surface level underground is exactly the same as the ground outside at street level, which means working at height regulations and health and safety precautions apply just the same as they would were the person to be in the open air working above the street level. In fact, working at height safety measures apply whenever work takes place where a fall to the surface below could cause harm to a person. This means that not only will working at height legislation and regulations apply to work which takes place out in the open, underground or inside a building, but it also applies to work which is taking place even just a couple of feet above ground as a fall from this small height can still cause injuries such as sprains, broken bones or serious head injuries.

Working at Height in Health and Safety Training Courses

So rather than working at height being restricted to people who work on top of scaffolding which soars up into the sky, or specialists clad from head to toe in abseiling gear scaling towers and monuments, working at height is actually a common occupational hazard that affects a large number of employees in virtually every industry.

Even workplaces which are considered safer than most such as offices still have working at height risks through the use of portable steps to reach items stored up high in cupboards or shelves. This makes working at height training necessary for pretty much every employee.

Obviously it will need to be tailored to the specific requirements and attributes of the job, for instance those who abseil up buildings will require different training to office workers going up stepladders, but the dangers of working at height need to be taught as part of the health and safety training programmes for employees of companies in all industries and occupations.

In-House/Bespoke Courses

In-house health and safety training courses for your employees

Most of the courses listed below focus on specific health and safety areas (e.g. COSHH training, manual handling training etc.), whereas most of the accredited courses try and cover the entire spectrum of health and safety.

Please click on the course titles below to read more about each one. Remember, these courses are entirely flexible and can be tailored and altered to suit your needs and industry sector. They form the basis for our in-house training programmes, andcan either be run as they are if the outline is exactly what you want, or can be be modified to suit the individual requirements of your organisation. Two or more can also be combined to tailor a bespoke training session for you.

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Health and Safety Awareness
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Manual Handling Instructor
Manual Handling Risk Assessment
Office Safety
Permit to Work Training
Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment Instructor
Safety Management Systems
Sharps Awareness
Sharps Awareness Instructor
Working at Height

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