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Slips, Trips and Falls Online Course

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Slips, Trips and Falls Online Training Course

The risk of a slip, trip or fall is not limited to any particular industry, and can occur in any place of work. Whether it is a wet floor, a step down to a lower level, a cable stretched across the room... the potential dangers are too numerous to count.

Health and safety training is essential to assist in creating and maintaining a safe working environment. This online course will introduce you to some of the statistics relating to slips, trips and falls and dispel some of the myths surrounding them, as well as touching on relevant law and legislation.

This online course contains real examples of where things have gone wrong, and some practical steps that could have been taken to prevent these incidents. It also covers some of the straightforward changes that can be made in most businesses to significantly reduce the risk of a slip, trip or fall incident from occurring.

There are multiple choice questions at the end of each unit. Those who successfully achieve the minimum mark required to pass these assessments are rewarded with a printable certificate.

An e-learning course is ideal for those who cannot get time away from the workplace and do not require a tailored course which deals with specific risks. If you do, then an open course or bespoke/in-house course will be much more suitable for your requirements.

The course comprises the following modules:

  • Module 1: Serious Facts and the Law
  • Module 2: Slip Hazards: Causes and Controls
  • Module 3: Trip Hazards: Causes and Controls
  • Module 4: Management Issues

Single Licence

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Individuals looking to take the Slips, Trips and Falls online course can purchase a single user license for £15.00 + vat. This license grants unlimited access to the course, with no time restrictions, for one user only.

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Once we have received this we will set-up your access to the course within 24-48 hours, and e-mail you your log-in details to the address provided on the booking form.

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If you are a business or organisation and have a number of employees that you would like to take the Slips, Trips and Falls online course, we offer discounts for multiple purchases, with a greater discount amount available the more courses that are purchased.

Purchasing a business license will grant the buyer administration access from where they can issue log-in usernames and passwords to their employees. This allows businesses to take advantage of the greater discounts on offer even if they do not currently know the names of every individual who will be taking the online course, which is particularly useful if you plan to grant access to employees over a period of time rather than all at once (e.g. getting new starters to complete the course). It also negates the need to fill in a massively long booking form with all their names when purchasing!

The pricing and discount structure available for mutiple purchases of this course is currently:

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  • 50-99 Licenses: £13.50 + vat each
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Article: Slips, Trips and Falls - Health And Safety Risks and How to Prevent Them


Thousands of injuries occur every year as a result of slips, trips and falls. Musculoskeletal injuries, cuts, bruises, dislocation and fractures are common injuries because of slips, trips and falls making them a serious health and safety risk. A proper health and safety program must be put in place to minimise the risk of these occurring.

Of all the health and safety dangers which are present in a place of work, trip and slip hazards are often the most preventable in terms of immediately rectifying or, more appropriately, not creating them in the first place. Whilst a lot of other dangers in a workplace would require a major re-design of a process or a costly and time consuming substitution of one hazardous substance for a safer alternative, slip and trip hazards are often a simple case of good housekeeping by not leaving things lying around or ensuring that surfaces are dry.

Although they are amongst the most preventable of accidents, slips, trips and falls are also some of the most common, and are the cause of many lost days as employees who are injured at work have to stay at home or recuperate in hospital. As far as companies are concerned, as well as the inconvenience and lost production caused by having people away from the workplace, they may also be hit with compensation claims. This can be a heavy price to pay, literally, for failing to perform simple tasks such as keeping a walkway unobstructed or ensuring a floor was dry for example.

The consequences on a person's health as a result of slipping, tripping or falling can range from nothing but minor embarrassment to broken bones or even death if the person was to hit their head on the floor or an object on the way down. Whilst anyone can suffer a serious injury from falling, there are groups who will be more at risk including the elderly who are more likely to break or fracture a bone, and pregnant women.

How do Slips Occur?

Slips occur when a person's feet lose traction with the surface of the ground. Some common causes of slips are:

  • inappropriate floor surface - for example shiny, smooth tiles in a wet area
  • slippery floor surfaces - for example icy, oily, dusty or wet
  • poor housekeeping - for example not cleaning spills up immediately
  • inappropriate drainage - waste and liquid leaking from machinery onto the floors
  • inappropriate footwear worn by the individual
  • steep gradients, particularly when combined with one or more of the other causes listed above

How do Trips Occur?

Trips happen when a worker unexpectedly catches their foot on a raised surface or object. Some common causes of trips are:

  • poor housekeeping - for example objects left in pathways or corridors, working areas that are cluttered
  • poorly maintained floor - for example cracked tiles or concrete, lifted or frayed carpets
  • low, non-visible objects - for example boxes, electrical cords, stock, packing material, pallets
  • an obstructed view while carrying objects
  • changes in floor levels or uneven surfaces
  • poor lighting
  • storage areas that are insufficient and inadequate
  • walkways and passages used as storage

How do Falls Occur?

Falls may occur from a trip or slip, but they can also occur from low heights, into a hole, body of water or ditch. Common causes of falls are:

  • poor work practices - accessing high storage areas with chairs or ladders, carrying objects while climbing down ladders, loading and unloading vehicles in an unsafe manner
  • an obstructed view while carrying objects
  • mezzanine storage areas and loading docks with no fall protection
  • changes in floor levels or uneven surfaces
  • stairwells that are maintained poorly and are not properly lit
  • poor access to storage racking

What Can an Employer Do to Prevent Slips, Trips and Falls?

An employer can protect the health and safety of their workers from slips, trips and falls with the following examples:

  • cleaning all spills immediately
  • marking spills and wet areas
  • sweeping or mopping debris away from floors
  • keep walkways free from clutter at all times and remove obstacles
  • securing down rugs, mats and carpets
  • ensuring filing cabinets and drawers are always closed
  • covering and securing cables that go across walkways
  • ensure walkways and working areas are well lit
  • provide staff with appropriate footwear
  • treat flooring to increase slip resistance such as putting down non-slip rubber matting
  • provide adequate storage at the workplace
  • provide mechanical aids or trolleys to move objects over long distances

What Can Employees Do to Prevent Slips, Trips and Falls?

  • pay attention to where you are going, and take your time
  • adjust the pace of your stride that is suitable for the surface that you are walking on and the task you are performing
  • wear appropriate footwear
  • make wide turns at corners
  • report potential hazards to your employer do that they can deal with them

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