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Training Outsourcing

Employees on an outsourced training course

Times are changing. Flexibility and expertise are required in equal measure. What if you had the option of outsourcing part of, or all of, your training department or requirement?

At the BCF Group, our Training Outsourcing division has the ability to manage the entire process for you in order to maintain and boost your company performance.

We will act as your own virtual training department, running the courses you require, in your own office, or in our training rooms at our training centre(s). As a strategic partner, we will take the burden off your shoulders.

Here are 6 key reasons that you might want to consider:

  • 1. Training is our core business - We are good at the development, management & delivery of training. It might be a necessity for your company, but it's a core business for us.

  • 2. Increase skill sets and capability - providing the right training for your employees and customers is important, and in some cases a legal requirement. We have the specialists to deliver your requirements.

  • 3. Scalability - Running an internal training organisation requires people of various levels of skills and talent. Full-time internal staff is a fixed resource. But training is a variable activity. Outsourcing to the BCF Group allows you access to that resource as and when required. You can scale up or down as you needs demand.

  • 4. Available Talent - Our relationship with our associates means that we have access to a variety of 'experts' in a number of areas. That means that by outsourcing to the BCF Group, you have access to these individuals too.

  • 5. Speed of Delivery - Get training out to internal staff or external resellers with expedience. No need to scale up internal resource for a short term project. Your training function will always be in place.

  • 6. Save Money - The number one reason why you might want to take a serious look at our outsourced option is to save your organisation money. How we manage training is all about how we manage costs.

Our Primary Areas of Training Expertise

Our training provisions encompass a wide range of different topics. This makes us an idea solution to act as your one-stop-shop to source external training for your employees in a number of different subjects, rather than you having to look around the marketplace to find a provider for each subject area.

Not only will this save you a great deal of time and hassle, but for a large training outsourcing package that encompasses a number of topics, we can also offer a bulk purchase discounts, which would not be available if you had o go to a separate company for each area of training.

Our core strengths are providing training and development packages in the following:

Health and Safety

Our broadest range of courses and qualifications can be found in our health and safety training division. We offer:

Accredited Qualifications and Courses:
  • NEBOSH Courses
  • IOSH Courses
  • CITB Courses

For these accredited health and safety courses, we run the most popular, such as the NEBOSH General Certificate and the IOSH Managing Safely courses as open courses at venues across the UK, onto which you can book individuals or small groups of your employees.

We can also arrange these courses to be provided, either at your premises or ours, exclusively for delegates from your company. This can often be far more beneficial, as it allows the trainer to talk about issues such as working practices which are specific to your organisation.

Along with accredited courses that have to follow a fairly rigid syllabus, we also provide a wide range of our own health and safety courses, which have been put together over the years by our expert trainers and consultants. The content of these courses can be tailored to your unique needs an working practices, and can be combined with other courses to create a highly valuable and effective training programme for your staff members.

Plus, for added flexibility, we offer numerous online health and safety training courses that can be taken at any time or place.

For more information, please visit our Health and Safety Training section by clicking on the button below.

Health and Safety Training

Business Coaching

Our business coaching division provides executive coaching sessions for directors and senior managers, as well as ILM accredited coaching qualifications for those who want to learn how to be an effective coach for others within the workplace. This includes the highly sought-after and respected ILM Level 7 Qualification in Executive Coaching and Mentoring, which is aimed at those coaching or mentoring at a senior level.

Providing business or executive coaching for you managers or employees can bring about a significant return on investment. Effective coaching assists people in overcoming barriers, which will make them a happier and more productive member of the team. Future results brought about as a result of the coaching they received will more than likely cover the initial cost many times over.

For more information, please visit our Business Coaching section by clicking on the button below.

Business Coaching and Mentoring

Management Training and Development

The skills needed to be a good manager are numerous and wide-ranging. This can make it particularly difficult when you know that your managers require training, but either do not know in what topics, or do know but have to find a training supplier for each different one.

At The BCF Group, our management training division has many years of experience in helping new and experienced managers increase the confidence and ability in being a good manager of others.

We provide training for new managers on our First Line Manager courses, right through to an ILM accredited managerial qualification in the form of the ILM Level 3 Award and Certificates in Management. We can also combine or bring in elements from our related interpersonal skills courses (see below), as many of these skills are required to produce a successful manager.

This makes us an excellent provider to outsource your management training to, as we can create programmes which are right for your managers and industry.

For more information, please visit our Management Training and Development section by clicking on the button below.

Management Training and Development

Interpersonal Skills

No matter how much knowledge an employee has, they will often struggle to provide anything close to the benefits to the company as they good if they do not have good interpersonal skills. Whether it is negotiating with customers, liasing with suppliers, collaborating with colleagues, or communicating important message, all will be severely hampered by a lack of interpersonal skills.

In fact, significant damage can be done by employees simply not receiving interpersonal skills training. So many lost clients and tem arguments could have been prevented if people had learned to communicate better with each other, not to mention the increased revenue from employees who would have been far more motivated to help the company succeed if only they weren’t so demotivated by a little thing such as the way their manager speaks to them.

They are often overlooked, but as the examples in the above paragraph show, good interpersonal skills can have a huge bearing on a manager’s or worker’s ability and success, which makes interpersonal skills training a crucial component of any company’s training provision.

By outsourcing your requirements to us, we can work with you to put together a truly bespoke package that covers all the skills your managers and/or employees need to help your business be a success. Also, our brand new Effective Video Communication course is highly-relevant for today’s modern working environment, and provides a great deal of information about how to communicate effectively with managers, colleagues and customers remotely via videoconferencing software.

For more information, please visit our Interpersonal Skills section by clicking on the button below.

Interpersonal Skills Training

Online Courses and Useful Guide e-Books

Online courses provide a practical and convenient way of providing training to your employees, no matter where in the world they are located or how many you have requiring the training. Whereas before it could be a logistical nightmare trying to get lots of people all in the same place at the same time, not to mention the problems that could arise through having so many out of the workplace at the same time, they can now all complete the training anywhere in the world at a time that suits them.

With a suite of over 80 online courses, ranging from 30 mins to over 3 hours in duration, our online training could be a perfect option for your business.

Similarly, we also provide over 80 Useful Guide e-books which are available as unlimited downloads for a yearly subscription.

For more information, please visit our Online Learning section by clicking on the button below.

Online Courses & e-Learning

Related Courses

Please see below for a related course which you may be interested in:

Train The Trainer Course

There is no secret to becoming a successful trainer; it is about equipping yourself with the essential skills to deliver an engaging training session, meeting both the business's and the trainee's needs.

Our consultants have established themselves as experts in the field of training and they will be able to guide you through the training process from start to finish, ensuring that you leave the programme with the relevant skills to achieve tangible results.

Click Here for More Information

A business meeting where effective communication and influencing are vital

Our 2-day Effective Communication and Influencing course aims to provide attendees with a range of skills and behaviours which will allow them to communication clearly and effectively. Course syllabus modules include explaining the communication process, the different styles of influencing, the importance of body language and tone of voice, non-verbal communication and more.

Click Here for More Information

IOSH Managing Safely Course

The IOSH Managing Safely course is designed for managers and supervisors of organisations in virtually all industry sectors, in order to give them all they need to know to effectively manage health and safety in the workplace.

Recently updated, the new high impact programme covers key health and safety issues, and includes references to international case studies.

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ILM Level 5 Qualifications in Coaching and Mentoring

ILM Level 5 Qualifications in Coaching and Mentoring

Based on our extensive work and experience with leaders, both in the private and public sectors, this ILM Level 5 Coaching and Mentoring programme has been designed to develop the capability of leaders to positively impact the performance of individuals and teams.

This programme has been created to sharpen a leader's skills - enabling them to balance control, commitment and empowerment through productive conversations with individuals and teams.

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Manual Handling

A warehouse working carrying a box

Our manual handling course will give participants a basic understanding of the factors necessary to ensure their own safety and that of their work colleagues. This manual handling training course is based upon the principles of safe moving and handling of loads known as the 'kinetic' approach to manual handling.

At the conclusion of the course, delegates will have an understanding of safe manual handling principles and possess the skills to avoid the dangers to health of careless and unskilled manual handling operations.

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Fire Safety

Putting a fire out with a fire extinguisher

The Fire Safety course is aimed at all employees who need a basic awareness of fire safety issues. It is a health and safety training course which has been designed to give all personnel the necessary information, skills and training for them to be competent in basic fire safety.

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