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Training Outsourcing

Training Outsourcing

Times are changing. Flexibility and expertise are required in equal measure. What if you had the option of outsourcing part of, or all of, your training department or requirement?

At the BCF Group, our Training Outsourcing division has the ability to manage the entire process for you in order to maintain and boost your company performance.

We will act as your own virtual training department, running the courses you require, in your own office, or in our training rooms at our training centre(s). As a strategic partner, we will take the burden off your shoulders.

Here are 6 key reasons that you might want to consider:

  • 1. Training is our core business - We are good at the development, management & delivery of training. It might be a necessity for your company, but it's a core business for us.

  • 2. Increase skill sets and capability - providing the right training for your employees and customers is important, and in some cases a legal requirement. We have the specialists to deliver your requirements.

  • 3. Scalability - Running an internal training organisation requires people of various levels of skills and talent. Full-time internal staff is a fixed resource. But training is a variable activity. Outsourcing to the BCF Group allows you access to that resource as and when required. You can scale up or down as you needs demand.

  • 4. Available Talent - Our relationship with our associates means that we have access to a variety of 'experts' in a number of areas. That means that by outsourcing to the BCF Group, you have access to these individuals too.

  • 5. Speed of Delivery - Get training out to internal staff or external resellers with expedience. No need to scale up internal resource for a short term project. Your training function will always be in place.

  • 6. Save Money - The number one reason why you might want to take a serious look at our outsourced option is to save your organisation money. How we manage training is all about how we manage costs.

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