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Bespoke Health and Safety Training

Why Have Bespoke Training?

Scheduled health and safety open courses, whether accredited or non-accredited, will always provide a lot of valuable information to those attending. However, it is also quite likely that there will be parts of it which will not be relevant for them.

This can be especially true when a person is attending a NEBOSH General Certificate course or IOSH Managing Safely course which aim to cover a broad spectrum of health, safety and well-being issues.

A bespoke health and safety training programme on the other hand will be tailored to the specific needs and requirements of the employees. It can be tailored to take into account the particular industry in which the company operates, which can be vital in providing a truly valuable course that is 100% relevant and offers full value for money.

How Can We Help?

When commissioning us to provide a one-off or series of bespoke courses, we work with you well in advance of the start date to create a course which provides maximum benefit for the training time available. By ensuring that all of the content taught is applicable to those attending, it will mean that there is no wasted time or delegate "switch off", as there would be if having to sit through content which is not relevant to them and their job role and will never be needed.

We can assist in designing a programme from scratch, or you can use one or more of our non-accredited courses as a starting point upon which to base a bespoke course. For example, you may like the look of our generic non-accredited manual handling course, but want to tailor it to incorporate the specific objects that your employees will be lifting or moving about.

Next Steps

Please click here to see our full range of non-accredited health and safety courses in order to get ideas for the basis of a bespoke safety training programme.

Alternatively, call us on 0844 800 3295 to discuss your requirements with us, or send us an online contact form by clicking on the button below.

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